Research groups

“Investigación – Creación FUBA” is a research group affiliated to Bellas Artes University Foundation’s Department of Research and Graduate Studies. Its members are teachers and employees of the institution with extensive experience in arts, design, and music practices.

The objective of this group is to manage, develop, support and share with the public research projects related to teaching, as part of FUBA’s comprehensive teaching strategy. In addition, the group provides advice with regards to Plastic Arts and Visual Design, and other areas of knowledge within the plastic language. The main purposes of the group are academic research, research-creation, social and community outreach, based on artistic proposals, as well as the association with similar institutions in the city, the department, and the country.

The research group intends to be recognized in 2020 at the institutional, city, and country levels because of its superior-quality research and divulgation processes, as well as the transfer of the knowledge acquired through its research projects and by other means. This recognition will be possible thanks to the different actors that have assisted the Department in reaching its mission and achieving its goals

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