Student Wellbeing

We understand Student Wellbeing as the systemic process that sees the human being as a bio-psychosocial being whose guiding principle is human development. Based on those ideas, the Department of Student Wellbeing promotes activities that strive for a better quality of life, comprehensive training and the building of our community.


To develop programs, projects, and activities that aim to improve the quality of life of our academic community. This objective is accomplished by offering services in areas such as Health Promotion, Art and Culture Promotion, Sports and Recreation, Human Development and Socioeconomic Support.

Specific Objectives.

  • To provide access to sports, recreation, and physical and intellectual activities aiming at the proper use of spare time, a better quality of life, and a better interaction with the institution.
  • To encourage the development of artistic talent and education related to artistic and cultural appreciation.
  • To implement actions directed to preventing and promoting physical and mental health of FUBA’s community.
  • To carry out activities that aim for the promotion of integration, human development, and respect for people’s differences.
  • To implement projects in search of an improvement in student retention rates.